Trials and Triumph: Women Through the Ages

Universally, women can agree that we don’t always have it easy. In fact, even in 2021, we continue to encounter obstacles that require us to work a little bit harder to achieve the same things that men do. And while we still have a long way to go until things feel truly equal, just, and fair, we must acknowledge how far we’ve come.


Over the course of the last few centuries, women have fought side-by-side, hand in hand for equality and their fair share of access to the world’s resources. Education, careers, voting privileges were all fought for by strong, empowered women throughout history, and we’re thrilled to put these milestones in the spotlight as a powerful reminder of our worth.



In the 17- and 1800s, women had to fight for their right to have an opinion. It sounds absurd, but women were truly thought to be extraordinarily less valuable than their male counterparts. Women and wives had to vouch for their ability to make rational decisions for their families, while simultaneously being told they were only useful if they stayed quiet and didn’t ask for too much. The 1800s eventually saw the very first women’s rights convention (bringing in only 300 attendees), as well as the formation of the National Woman Suffrage Association (



The 1900s brought the 19th amendment to the United States, though this certainly made waves across the globe. Women finally had the right to vote in America, which ultimately allowed women to make valuable contributions to their country. Since the 19th amendment, women have only continued to make strides towards equality.


World War II changed the course of women’s history forever, putting women in a position to take on a number of jobs that were thought to be non-traditional for women as most men left for war. The unfortunate reality is that it took something terrible - like war - to show the world just what women could do.


Women have only continued to make positive contributions for society, fighting along the way for equal pay, equal access to medical treatment (and the ability to make independent decisions about our health and bodies), access to jobs, access to education, and access to financial independence. The list goes on and on, and believe it or not, great strides have been made towards progress.



The last few decades have seen the rapid expansion of feminism and women’s rights. Empowered to take a stand against unequal or unfair treatment, millions of women gather in cities across the globe to make their voices heard and show the world what we’re made of. There are currently a record number of women in leadership positions within companies and corporations, in highly esteemed government positions, in space, and beyond. It’s not uncommon to see women making substantial and incredible changes within their roles as leaders and managers, and while we still have a very long way to go until there is equity between men and women, this is certainly something to celebrate.


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