Referral vs. Affiliate | How You Can Earn Big with Heaven Panty

At the end of the day, both referral and affiliate programs were created to incentivize shoppers to spread the word about their favorite brands. The idea is that when you tell your besties and followers about a brand, you’re able to benefit them when they decide to shop with your favorite brand. So what’s the difference?


Referral programs traditionally allow you to accumulate points or credit with that brand when you share your personalized link with friends. Many brands remind you to “refer a friend” at checkout using your custom link or code, allowing both of you to earn points or credit when they decide to purchase.


Affiliate programs, however, operate in a way that puts income in an influencer’s pocket. Affiliate links, typically promoted by those with a social following, allow the person affiliated with the brand to earn real money any time someone uses their custom link or code. If you’re a micro-influencer, and 5 of your followers decide to purchase something using your affiliate link, you will earn a percentage of their purchase as income and aren’t restricted to spending this income with the brand.


Heaven Panty Programs

Currently, we’re proud to offer a referral program to our valued customers. When you spread the word about Heaven Panty by sharing your personalized referral link (found in your customer portal) with friends, you and your friends can each earn $20 towards your store purchases with Heaven Panty. That’s right - when friends subscribes using your personalized link, they get $20 towards their Heaven Panty store purchases, and you get $20 in Heaven Panty credit to use towards your next store purchase. Better yet, your friends will also get their first month free, should they choose to subscribe. You don’t even have to have an active subscription to refer friends and earn credits!


But what about affiliate programs? We’re thrilled to announce that in the near future, you’ll be able to apply to join us as an affiliated influencer, allowing you to share your custom link and earn money every time one of your followers or friends shops with Heaven Panty. You’ll be able to share photos or testimonials of your Heaven Panty experience and make a little bit of income for doing so. Interested? Keep up with us on social media to stay in the loop!

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