The Latest Trends in Lingerie

Lingerie has come a long way. Centuries ago, women wore painful corsets and scratchy undergarments to keep up with the latest trends in fashion. Fast forward to the 21st century and we feel incredibly lucky to have softer, more stylish, and super comfortable options to choose from. But just because the underwear industry has become more modernized doesn’t mean there aren’t trends when it comes to style, fit, colors, and more.

So, what is trending lately?

Trending Fabrics

The softer, the better...right? Your underwear has the potential to be the most comfortable or the least comfortable part of your outfit, and we’ve found that the right fabric can make all the difference. Right now, some of the most popular fabrics on the market are ice silk - a buttery soft, breathable material that keeps cool, and cotton - a classic fabric that offers breathability and comfort all day long.

We’re willing to bet that you can find both of these materials in your underwear drawer (or on your wish list), and that’s why we love offering them! You can now get this panty in your first free trial pack. Subscribe to comfort by filling this short personalization survey!


Trending Colors

Of course, classic neutrals are always in style. But in 2021, consumers have been excited to embrace their bold, funky sense of style. Neon greens, blues, and pinks are all the rage and go hand-in-hand with classic jewel tones, too. While you can never go wrong with a neutral pink or skin tones, we love to see ladies making a statement (even if only in the mirror) with a wide variety of noisy, unique colors. It’s empowering, don’t you agree?

Trending Styles

We ditched corsets and knickers long ago, thankfully, and it feels so freeing to have so many options to choose from for our underwear. From thongs, to briefs, to boyshorts, and everything in between. In 2021, we’re loving the comfort of high waisted options that keep our hips protected against stiff jean fabrics. We’re also thrilled about seamless options for all day comfort in leggings and dresses that would otherwise show seams.


When it comes to trends, our current obsession is lace. No matter the cut, lace adds a stylish touch of flair to your undergarments and can make all the difference when it comes to feeling confident and sexy in your skin.


Check out our beautiful assortment of styles, colors, and fabrics delivered straight to your door. It’s never been easier to stay ahead of trends and keep your underwear drawer happy than it is now. What are you waiting for? You deserve it! Sign up to Heavenpanty now for a first free trial pack!

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