The Women’s Underwear Evolution


Society has come a long way since the concept of undergarments were first introduced - especially for women! Underwear wasn't always dainty, delicate, soft, or comfortable. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Let’s just say we’re extremely thankful for the evolution of women’s underwear in that it now allows us to express ourselves through style and comfort.

So where did it all begin? Long ago (so long ago that there aren’t any “records” of this time period) women simply didn’t wear underwear. Nobody did! The reality is that there were more important things (like hunting and gathering food) than keeping private parts tucked away. Going commando wasn’t all bad, though. The benefits to not wearing underwear include more airflow to your most sensitive body parts, which can lead to decreased risk of infection, less odor, and more comfort.

Eventually, though, underwear was adopted to prevent any chaffing or discomfort that might be inflicted by large, heavy dresses. In the 1800s, for example, bloomers were invented to cover the waist down to the knee. This underwear style allowed women’s bodies to breathe while still remaining protected.

In the early and mid 1900s, though, bloomers began evolving, growing shorter in length, and eventually were called knickers. These brief-style underwear were often made of silk. Shortly after knickers came in (and out) of style, pin-up girls were introduced to the world, changing the course of undergarments dramatically. Underwear continued to shrink until eventually, the thong was born. This was a monumental step in women’s fashion, and it didn’t take long for underwear to become outerwear for pop stars and performers, especially in the US.

Since the 1990s, women have journeyed through eras of body shame, body positivity, and everything in between. Dainty lingerie has grown in popularity both in the bedroom and as outfits to dance clubs, parties, and events. Influencers are passing underwear off as a full ‘fit, and the world watches as global stars like Kim Kardashian create underwear lines of their own.

But in 2021 (and beyond), the most important qualities your underwear can have aren’t really related to style at all. Instead, your underwear should make you feel comfortable and confident. Whether you like bold colors or more neutral tones, busy patterns or subtle solids, maximum coverage or minimum fabric - it’s important to embrace your own sense of style and preference when choosing underwear. Heavenpanty offers a monthly customized subscription for every taste. You can pick your fabric, cut, and color preferences by filling our short personalization quiz. What's better than sitting back, relaxing and enjoying an amazing collection of monthly undies delivered right to your door?

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