Inclusivity Over Exclusivity: Inclusive Fashion is Best

Everybody deserves to have access to clothing that makes them feel confident and comfortable. And when we say everybody, we mean every body. No matter how you’re shaped, what size you wear, or what you look like, cute and cozy clothing should be available to you from all of your favorite brands. After all, there’s no such thing as “normal,” so why is it that many brands only offer sizes small through large? The size spectrum of both men and women is far more vast than these few sizes, so why is it so difficult for people on both ends of this spectrum to find appealing, affordable clothing from popular, mainstream brands?


All shoppers should be able to feel like they can find a look, style, and size that suits their personality and fashion sense, without having to worry about whether or not their items will fit. Everybody wears underwear, after all, so why shouldn’t everybody have access to underwear they love? Brands that prioritize inclusivity in their sizing acknowledge the many shapes and sizes of bodies that exist, and value them all equally, providing them with cute and comfortable options to stock their wardrobe.


Unfortunately, many high end and mainstream brands have made a name for themselves by preaching exclusivity. By nature, if something is seen as exclusive, it means that not everybody has access to it. If exclusivity only applied to the price of certain brands, that would be one thing. Afterall, not everybody can afford luxury, and that’s what makes it luxurious. But some brands have decided to take the approach of sizing exclusivity. What does sizing exclusivity mean? It means that a brand has chosen to only offer a select range of sizes in order to strategically remove certain sizes from their customer base. A popular example of a lingerie brand practicing sizing exclusivity is Victoria’s Secret, who notoriously excluded larger sizing from their runway shows and product offerings. By refusing to include plus-sized women and articles of clothing in their shows, they’re telling the world that they have no interest in including these shoppers in their customer base.


Heaven Panty continues to look for ways to become more inclusive to our audiences, because we know that every body is beautiful, and it’s our goal to embrace every customer looking to shop with us. Our sizing ranges from XS through XXXL in an effort to accommodate every body. If you are looking to keep your underwear closet fresh and sexy, the answer is Heavenpanty. You can start by filling this short personalization survey. You can now relax, sit back and enjoy monthly customized panties delivered right to your door!


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