Decoration Ideas for #SpookySzn 2021

Happy Halloween from Heaven Panty! While our business primarily focuses on lingerie and underwear, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help you get in a spooky mood and feel inspired to decorate for one of the best holidays of the year. And, surprisingly enough, there are even ways to incorporate our sexy lingerie into your Halloween decor.


What’s Trendy

You might remember neon orange Jack ‘O Lantern decorations from your past. They were a little bit tacky, usually made of plastic, and not very aesthetically pleasing. This year, warm neutrals are trending and we love this tasteful look. Incorporate natural pumpkins, gourds, and hay into your outdoor (and even indoor) decor to complement the existing neutrals and tones within your home.


Repurposing vintage or otherwise unwanted items is incredibly popular this year. Instead of tossing that old flower pot or less-than-trendy lamp, spray paint these items black or paint them with a textured cement paint to add a trendy graveyard look to your home.


Skulls, skulls, and more skulls. Whether you incorporate them subtly into your bar cart or add some skeleton-inspired art to your walls, you can spice up your space for Halloween with tasteful skull decor.


Fresh Ideas & Inspiration

How can you leverage these trends and transform them into something that feels unique and fits your space? We have a few tricks (and treats) up our sleeve to make it easy.


Use our lingerie to dress up a sexy scarecrow in your home. You can do this by using some scrap wood found at your local hardware store, some hay, and your best lingerie. By adding a sexy scarecrow to your apartment or home, you’re truly claiming Halloween as your own. Plus, it’ll be the talk of everybody at your Halloween party.


Bats...everywhere. They’re spooky, they’re black, and they’re easy to hang from the ceiling or on the walls of your home to add a temporary-yet-tasteful touch. You can even make them out of paper for an ultra-affordable decoration option. 


When in doubt, lighting is key. Replace light bulbs with spooky Edison bulbs or orange-tone bulbs to add a spooky glow to your space. Light your favorite candles, turn your TV into a Fireplace with a little help from Netflix, and voila...your space is spookier than ever.

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