Halloween 2021: Trending Costumes & Must-Haves

Halloween has long served as one of the best holidays of the year to let loose, have fun, and look good doing it. Women have consistently gone above and beyond to get creative with their costumes and truly define the spooky spirit of this holiday.


If you’re dressing up this year, you’ve probably already given some thought to what you might want to be, who you want to portray, and whether or not you’ll do it solo or with friends. We felt inspired by the change of seasons to compile a list of our favorite trending costume ideas that you might want to take advantage of.


What’s Trending

It wouldn’t be 2021 if we didn’t end up seeing costumes inspired by COVID and quarantine play out. Whether you dress up like the virus (green bodysuit, flubber-inspired earrings, etc.), or put on your best quarantine ‘fit (sweats, slippers, and a sleep mask...but make it cute), we have no doubts that COVID-inspired costumes will be a hit.


Of course, no Halloween would be complete without a few costumes inspired by popular television shows from the year. Shows like You, Stranger Things, Brooklyn 99, The Circle, and more will bring out the best in people’s creativity as they dress up like their TV idols.


Classics...but make them sexy. Perhaps one of the most exciting costume categories is the one that includes occupations, but with a tantalizing twist. Sexy cop, sexy nurse, sexy pirate...you name it. The possibilities are endless here, as nobody questions a powerful woman dressed up in a way that makes her feel amazing! These costumes are always a hit and make you feel good all the while.


Going out for Halloween with your significant other or besties? Group costumes, while a bit harder to coordinate, are truly impressive when done well. We’re anticipating quite a few Minions costumes, Disney Princess squads, and couples costumes featuring iconic celebrity couples.


Spice it Up

Heaven Panty makes it easy to add a little bit of spice to any costume you choose this Halloween. Whether your undergarments will be on display for the world to see or tucked away under several layers of costume pieces, it’s important that you’re comfortable and feel good while celebrating and having fun.


Our matching sets are the perfect addition to any costume because they look and feel good paired with any outfit. Whether they’re peeking out of your top or keeping you secure underneath your costume, you’ll feel your best, which makes it even easier to look your best. 

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