Tips for having a healthy feminine hygiene

Anyone who wears underwear knows how important it is to keep those sensitive parts of our body clean and healthy. Women, especially, know just how tricky this can be depending on fluctuations in our cycle, intimacy frequency, diet, and more. Luckily, our bodies are designed with this in mind, and are built to assist in keeping things clean through all of life’s ups and downs. That being said, we can still play a huge role in maintaining a healthy body and keeping our feminine energy restored.


We’ve compiled a few of our favorite tips and tricks for keeping your underwear region feeling fresher than ever, no matter the day or occasion. 


No soap needed. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to lather up your lady bits with suds and soap in order to get clean. In fact, this may only cause more irritation and discharge in the hours and even days to follow. A gentle rinse with water is all you need in the shower, your body will do the rest!
Avoid tight clothing. Frequent reliance on skin-tight leggings or skinny jeans can lead to excessive sweating and moisture. Trust us when we say that breathable is better! That’s why you should rely on breathable underwear and pants whenever possible. The more moist your underwear region is, the more likely it is that bacteria can start to grow and develop, making your body's job of regulating even more difficult.
Practice safe sex. While it’s easy to get swept up in the heat of a moment, safe sex is one of the best ways you can keep your privates protected against unwanted infections, bacteria, and injury. Always use protection when being intimate with others, and clean yourself gently after intercourse.
Natural is healthy. Ultimately, the choice to shave or landscape your pubic area is up to you, and you should make those decisions independently of any societal pressures or stigmas. That being said, shaving with non-electric devices such as handheld razors can result in knicks and cuts that open doors for infection to get in. If you choose to shave, make sure you do so gently and carefully. You may want to consider a laser hair removal treatment too!
Refresh your underwear drawer. Nobody likes to throw away underwear, but sometimes it’s necessary when accidents happen - like being caught off guard by a period or forgetting to wear a pantiliner during crucial points in our cycle. As your underwear supply starts to dwindle and your drawer starts to look emptier than usual, it might be time to consider an underwear refresher. Many experts agree that the underwear lifecycle spans as long as 6 months, which is why it’s important to keep fresh, clean, breathable undergarments in your drawer.


 Underwear subscriptions - like Heaven Panty - are a great way to keep you accountable when it comes to refreshing your underwear drawer. We’re willing to bet that if you checked your drawer, you’d see a few pairs that were well past their prime. Toss them in the trash and subscribe to a service that makes it easy to keep your most sensitive areas happy and healthy.

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